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Revenue growth strategies for the hospitality industry since 1999.

About Us

Revenue Growth Strategies for the Hospitality Industry since 1999

Intelligent Hotels is a results driven, independent consulting firm with expertise in the fields of hospitality Sales and Marketing, Distribution Planning, Revenue and Pricing Management. Our goal for each client is simple: develop a custom revenue management model, implement an aggressive pricing strategy, identify and utilize appropriate distribution channels. All of this is designed to help each and every client capture more than their share of business

An experienced choice

For over twenty years, we have found that mastering the challenges of filling rooms at the highest rate given in an increasingly competitive environment takes…

  • Experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff
  • Time and energy away from the guest experience
  • Ongoing and consistent training
  • Competitive data collection and reporting tools
  • High level Interpretation skills to move information into positive action, planning, and execution.

Why Choose Us?


We target growth margins to maximize your company’s profitability metrics.


The difference between conventional pricing and strategic pricing is the difference between reacting to market conditions and proactively managing them.


We have over 19 years experience providing expert business advice to branded and independent hotels worldwide.


 With the best minds in the industry, we guarantee you’ll get a superb result.

Let’s “Check-In” with reality!

Mastering the challenges of filling
rooms at the highest rate given today’s competitive and intermediated environment takes:


Dedicated Staff
Competitive Data Interpretation
Skill with Numbers
The ability to know the difference between reactivity and proactively!

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